Larco Display Suite: Morgan Crossing

Main living space; views into the nursery

View into living room, dining area and kitchen

Accessories in kitchen

Vintage pendant lights over bar

Dining area; vintage dining table, chairs and chandelier; custom art

Dining table centrepiece

Detail shot of the vintage chandelier

Living/ entertaining room

Inspiration piece for the overall design: vintage table lamp

Living room with views onto the patio

Detail shot of throw cushions

Living room

Art piece in living room

Custom suspended art piece in living room

Suspended art piece against living room frame collage

Living room vintage frame collage with cardboard stag head

Fireplace, vintage frame collage, vintage ambience lamp

Vintage and new coffee table books on fireplace

Canary yellow vintage ambience lamp on fireplace

Vintage office chairs used as loungers in the living room

Master bedroom

Detail shot of master bedroom side tables

Detail shot of custom wall decal in master bedroom

Master bedroom; views to the patio


Detail shot of vintage patio table and lantern


Detail shot of custom wall art above the dresser/ changetable in nursery

Detail shot of dresser hardware in the nursery


Detail shot of chalkboard art hung with glass doorknobs in nursery

Custom mobile in nursery

Main washroom

Accessories in main washroom

Hallway art: family board

Hallway & entrance ceiling lights


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